Valentine’s Day: Why You’re REALLY Salty

February 14, 2017

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We all know how it goes around Valentine’s Day. You’re either team #loveydovey with the flowers, chocolates, roses and fancy dinners. Or, you realize more than ever that the situation you are in with your “friend with benefits” really isn’t a relationship regardless of how much you both “treat one another like it”.

I think we’ve all experienced the disappointment that comes with Valentine’s Day at LEAST once. He didn’t plan the fancy date and it feels like everyone around you got a dozen roses and a teddy bear, UGH! 

Especially for us girls, we have a funny way of making small things super deep. I mean, isn’t February 14th just another day on a calendar? What’s the BIG deal, anyway? Well, I’ll tell you.

It’s a big deal because as humans we like things called “symbols”. Symbols are used many times to represent status in culture. We use dates, little knick knacks like engagement rings, to symbolize our feelings or represent a memory we want to cherish. Also, these tangible things are referred to as “artifacts”. Yes, there is a point to all this sociology talk LOL. These two things are especially highlighted on Valentine’s Day. 

The cards, the flowers, the “Happy Valentines Day” texts – all of these  things are supposed to symbolize romantic love. But when you don’t get that text, that card, those flowers – it automatically feels like there is a LACK of romantic love – which leaves us feeling pretty sh*tty.

Now girl don’t take this the wrong way, but there was a LACK on February 13th…and 12th…and probably a while before that. We gotta stop kidding ourselves when it comes to love and companionship. If he wanted to profess his love for you and get the flowers, card, fancy dinner, he would have DONE JUST THAT. Plain and simple. Something is off…and it’s time to re-evaulate the situation.

What do you do? Well, LET’S TALK ABOUT IT!

I will be doing a Instagram Live on February 15th at 7pm CST

Let’s bring our heads and hearts together during a time where it can get a little tough in the love department.


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