Ship Your Gifts This Holiday Season Like a PRO!

December 21, 2018

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This year I got a head start on my gifting list (which hardly ever happens so, yay! LOL) and since I’ve got a jumpstart on my gifts, I wanted to share how I’m wrapping and shipping my gifts this holiday season like a pro!

Cute Gift Boxes

I can’t lie, I’m actually really bad at wrapping gifts LOL Mark loves doing it and his gifts always look so professional. Mine on the other hand look like a 5-year old went crazy with some wrapping paper and tape! My solution: Gift boxes! Finding really nice gift boxes that already have pretty decor that I can just throw things in makes my life so much easier! Plus, no one has to suffer through my terrible wrapping skills lol!


Pre-Order Shipping Boxes

Fedex has a ton of cool services and one of the most convenient is the option to order complimentary FedEx Express boxes. When you have a ton of things going on, sometimes those little things like  boxes for your gifts can slip your mind. Fedex makes it easy to stay on track and not just order boxes but also other shipping supplies that make life so much easier.



Planned Pickups

Don’t have time to make it to the Fedex store? No worries! You can plan a pickup for one or all your packages! This is one of my favorite features because it saves me so much time. Especially when I’m sending out so many gifts to family and friends back in Texas and around the world! Fedex keeps you in the loop on where your packages are 100% of the way so you can be reassured that once you plan your pickup, your packages will make it to their destination on time!

How are you saving time with holiday shipping this season? Share them with me on Instagram and


Happy Holidays! Xo, Jade


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