Sarai Turns 1! All About Her Akili & Me Themed Birthday Party

July 17, 2020

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I can not believe my baby girl is already ONE!

Sarai is one incredible kid! She just started walking a couple of weeks ago and on her birthday, was walking more than ever!

Initially, we only planned to get her a few decorations and an Akili & Me cake – her favorite show! Marks birthday was only 4 days ago, and I quickly realized what I will be in store for – for the rest of my life lol a wedding anniversary June 13, Marks birthday July 12, and Sarai’s birthday, July 16! BACK TO BACK TO BACK! LOL whew chile, I’ll be planning special events all spring to make sure each one of these moments is honored every year lol

Ok so yeah, got the cake made – which was PERFECT! Thanks to Calina. She was able to create this 3-layer cake with wedding cake icing, strawberry cake, and funfetti cake. The images you see on the cake were printed with edible ink on sugar paper! (I didn’t even know that was a thing – so cool!)

Then, the morning of Sarai’s birthday, Mark decides to invite his brother and sister + their kids so Sarai could play with her cousins on her birthday. Well – what we thought would be something pretty lowkey – became SO MUCH BETTER!

In this era of social distancing and intimate gatherings, I continue to realize how important #family is. 2019 or before, Sarai’s birthday would’ve been a MAJOR event. Which, probably would’ve had me hella stressed out and missing the WHOLE point of the day to begin with.

My child has hit a major milestone. I’ve also reached a major milestone! I’ve succesffuly breastfed Sarai for 1 full year. This was SUCH a big goal of mine and yesterday, I really got to take it all in. I’m a year in on being a #Mama – and it’s been the BEST year of my life. (Even during a pandemic!! That’s how you know GOD IS GOOD! LOL)

I am also so proud of my husband – as he has now been a #GirlDad of 2 for a full year. He is KILLIN’ IT! Shoutout to the Dad’s out there being present and EXCITED to be Fathers!


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  1. Vision.eri says:

    The party was so cute! July is your busy celebration month, and August is mine. Our anniversary is 8/10, husband’s birthday is 8/15, and our daughter’s birthday is 8/28. Whew! Now, I have someone to share the struggle with. You’re doing great, Jade! Happy Birthday to Sarai!

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