It’s More Than “Just Hair” #LetLifeIn

June 16, 2017

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This post is sponsored by Herbal Essences

Over the past few months I have been collaborating with Herbal Essences on their latest “Let Life In” campaign promoting their new collection of hair products withtheir bio:renew technology. In case you missed it, here’s the video I created using the products to style my hair and also my post about my Vacation Beauty Essentials where I featured the bio:renew Coconut Milk Oil Crème and Coconut Oil Curl Defining Mousse.

For me, my hair has always been a huge part of my life. Growing up biracial, people always looked at my skin tone and hair texture as a way to see “what I was.” “I’m human!!” I would think. I started questioning my own race and place in the world because being mixed meant I wasn’t this or that, because I was both at the same time.

My hair was the biggest indicator of my heritage. My curls showed that I was “mixed with something,” and as any middle and high school girl does, I just wanted to fit in!

(Me and my twin sister, Simone – 2007)

I went through phases where I begged my mother to put relaxers in my hair and wore my hair straight all through high school and parts of college.

It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that I didn’t need to change my hair, or myself, to be me. Fitting in turned from an obsession to looking like everyone else, to realizing that “fitting in” meant “follower.” Fitting in meant “average.” I was far from a follower and the furthest thing from average.

I really connected with “Let Life In” message because that’s exactly what I did when I chose to stop forcing myself to fit into a box that really never existed. I decided to let go of society’s expectations of me and let in MY OWN expectations for myself instead.

See, it’s deeper than “just hair.” The acceptance of my natural curls was the tipping point for me in the process of truly finding myself. Rocking my curly hair was the catalyst I needed to say “You know what, I’m not like any of these other kids at school – I’m NOT average…I’m SPECIAL.” From that self-affirming thought process, “LipsticknCurls” was birthed. In the beginning, my platform was just about hair and makeup. Now, it has transformed into a true reflection of my own self-love. I utilize my platform to show others that if I can love myself, so can they.

#LetLifeIn. Let go of whatever is holding you back from being YOU. Whatever that trigger is for you to jump into your passion and life’s purpose, embrace it.

Even if you think its “just hair”…It may be the very thing that changes your life, like it did mine.

XO, Jade


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  1. Alejandra perez says:

    I love this blog very real and true that was me younger I didn’t really straighten my hair but I hated it until I was older I accepted my curly hair and it made me unique 🙂

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