How to STAY in Your Lane

August 25, 2017

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I live and work in this so-called “social media” space and honestly, it’s like living in a separate reality than my close friends and family.

I am constantly balancing my own moments in life between moments that are curated for my job. In common place, having work-life balance is crucial to maintain a healthy psyche. I totally believe that ideology. The hard thing is, when your life IS your work. That’s when things can get a little grey.

Some days, I can see where that line is. What’s for me, and what’s for “the brand”. There’s a sort of moral compass you have to have in order to not get blurred into thinking the curated reality online is exactly that, curated.

For me, balancing life and work is a day-to-day challenge. Some days I am a BEAST at it, while others I am a sheep. A sheep to the allure of anything aesthetically  pleasing and self-gratifying.

I give credit to God + the universe for putting me through experiences in life that have shaped me to not fall for the ol’ okey-doke when it comes to how people try to influence you via social media.

And because I have a sense of self, I have the ability to see through a lot of the BS I come in contact with on a daily basis. That sense of self is also why I create the genuine and sincere content that I do…

My challenge to those of you struggling with the feelings of inadequacy and comparison,  find your moral compass. Find your sense of self before hopping into your careers, relationships, even your new goal(s) for the month. Figure out what your “niche” is so you never loose sight of your path, or lane. What’s for you, is for you. NOTHING can change that. The only thing that can influence that is you. What is your intention? What is your goal? When you can answer those two questions thoughtfully and sincerely, you’ve got what you need to stay in your lane – and the key to unlocking the happiness that waits for you there.


XO, Jade

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