How I’m Getting Into My New Mama Groove

December 4, 2019

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As many of you mama’s understand, there’s nothing like the love you have for your child. 

As a new member of the mama’s club, I have definitely gotten a few good lessons already and wanted to share how I’ve been getting into my new mama groove!

Lesson #1 Trust Your Mama Gut

I know there are so many different ways to parent and EVERYONE has their way of doing it. While feeling like I am completely winging this mama thang, I am realizing that my gut feeling when it comes to motherhood is so important. Being in tune with that, above all else, is always a priority. 

Lesson #2 Ask For Help, Sis

And I mean that. Ask for help. Ask someone you trust to give you some pointers, Mrs. Know-It-All! (That’s me, Mrs. Know-It-All). As a very confident person, sometimes that confidence blocks me from my blessings. If that little pointer here and there is going to make me a better mama, then dammit, I need to swallow some humble-pie and listen! Even more than listening, I need to loosen my grip and allow people to step in. Not all advice is bad advice!

Lesson #3 Actually, You’re Not Alone

It can feel isolating staying up all hours of the night with your new babe. Dad is having his fair share of sleepless nights too, but what I’m talking about is when it’s just you. You and this new person that’s depending on you for every single thing to stay alive. The Pressure! The “Oh Shit, This is MY BABY” moments! I was lucky to have plenty of other moms around to lean on, and a fantastic partner in Mark. But I was not immune to those moments where you feel like you have to figure out this whole new world by yourself because this is YOUR baby and no one else is responsible for her the way you are. That is HEAVY. Don’t carry that by yourself. Opening up to those you trust and knowing when you need to just take a moment away is SO HELPFUL.  

Lesson #4 Chaos Is Your New Normal

*Deep Sigh* The dishes ain’t done. The laundry is piled up. The mess is becoming more constant than ever and your itching to clean yet zero energy or time to do it ALL. Plus add on a crying baby, a partner that wants your attention and/or the pet you still gotta take care of, and your own shit. Oh, not to mention if you’re a working mama the mental  and super emotional process of going back to work. (I could cry for you working mama’s now, i know it’s hard sis 🙁 hang in there!!) Chaos is your new normal. *Gives virtual hug because not much else can be said about this lesson*

Lesson #5 You’re a SUPERHERO!

Who else could do all this and NOT be superhuman? When you look at all the struggle and STILL have the energy to keep going? The strength, the resilience, the compassion. There’s nothing like a mother’s love and THAT is divine & supernatural. 

So that’s it y’all, the lessons I’ve learned so far in this mom-thing. With all the stress of this newborn phase, the moment you have a happy baby – it all goes away. The small wins like a cry-less trip to the store. An easier-than-usual night time routine. The quiet little snuggles and kisses. Ah, yes mama, it’s all worth it. 

Until next time,



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