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February 3, 2018

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Hey boo thangs! I wanted to first wish you all a happy 2018!!

I have set many goals for this New Year and one of those goals is to be more aware when it comes to my hair! In many ways, we don’t realize how being a product junkie can really take a toll on your wallet. A $20 product here, a $15 product there, after a while you just buy to try and then forget why you even bought the product to begin with!

I am soooo guilty of this and on top of this disjointed purchasing habit, for some reason I always feel like the more expensive a product is, the better it has to be, right?


I remember learning about this concept when I was in my master’s program. In higher education, most parents think that the more a school costs to attend, the more promise and reward it has. Research actually shows that this isn’t the case. Like many things in life, we think if it costs more, there’s more value.

When it came to hair products, I felt the same way for a really long time! It hadn’t dawned on me until recently that after trying out my own DIY treatments to some of the most luxurious hair care brands out there, cost is the LAST thing that determines a hair product’s value.

I’ve been closely working with Herbal Essences for the past year and have been able to really see that  price point doesn’t always matter when it comes to quality products.  Herbal Essences bio:renew collections are my go-to for shampoo & conditioner! Now many of you probably don’t think Herbal Essences is for “our hair type”. Let me change your mind! I have been using the Coconut Milk and line for over a year and my hair has never been more soft and healthy! (That’s with coloring, too!) The shampoos and conditioners in the bio:renew collections are packed with  nutrients your hair will love, with a blend of antioxidants, aloe and sea kelp.

As a curly girl, it can get daunting trying to find what works best for our hair. At such a great price point ($6.99 a bottle!) Herbal Essences has quality products that will leave your hair manageable, soft, and smelling to die for!

Give it a try yourself! If it’s your first time trying the line – my advice is to always grab the conditioner first! ;D I know how we can be when it comes to shampoo, girl. By trying the conditioner, I know you’ll go back for the shampoo!

What are your favorite hair products that give you awesome hair without breaking the bank? Share them with me down below!


XO, Jade


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