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"Jade is amazing! Genuine, sincere, warm, and authentic. Her spirit is magnetic and special. We love working with her and are also proud to call her a friend. She is beyond "LipstickNCurls" and gives so much more! Her influence reaches beyond the realm of social media, and is impactful in real life. She's a gem! She's invaluable and we are looking forward to her continued success, and fruitful journey as she continues to inspire women from all over!" 
— Victory Jones, The Colored Girl

"Jade is a pro content creator. She takes it very serious and doesn’t require hand holding. I remember working with a group of 10 influencers, and Jade was the first of the group to create and post on IG. Her post was absolutely stunning and it didn’t look like she was paid to promote our products – it looked so authentic to her brand. The other influencers followed her lead, which elevated everyone’s content and made the brand very happy. Jade is our #1 pick!”
— Chanta Patton, L'Oreal (Carol's Daughter)

Jade is the ultimate multi-faceted influencer, with a beautiful innate energy that lights up every physical and digital space she touches. I’ve always loved her consistent delivery of authentic engaging content, while being so transparent and open to her audience about all aspects of her life. She is very in tune with what her LipstickNCurls following wants, and she always delivers. "
— Traci Evans, Meow & Barks Boutique

"Jade has been an amazing partner for Fresh. She creates content that isn’t just engaging, but also educational."
— Marissa Ferrera, Fresh Beauty

"Success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people's lives."

- Michelle Obama

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