A Baby AND A RING!?!

March 25, 2019

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This year has been un-freakin’ real! I knew #2019 was going to be lit but yaaaallllllllll, it’s just exceeding all my expectations lol If you missed it, We are having a baby!

When we found out we were pregnant, Mark and I were THRILLED! While we embrace our nontraditional relationship and lifestyle, we still value things like commitment, family, and unconditional love. At 28, we are both growing and learning everyday and our blessing (due July 2019 :D) is another evolution of our relationship and individual selves. 

“Mark and Jade, sitting in the tree,


First comes love.
Then comes marriage.
Then comes baby* in the baby carriage…”

We did things a little “out of order” but I want to take a moment to speak to any of you out there who feel any bit of shame or guilt about that. Because in all transparency, I did. I never realized how deep rooted my want for approval from family/friends was until I found out I was pregnant before being married. While majority of the response was incredibly positive, there was some that was not-so-positive. This hurt me. I had to pray about it. It was the start of me really un-learning and unsubscribing to belief systems that were actually not MINE yet I held onto so tightly.. 

I won’t go into this too deep, because this post was supposed to be brief LOL but I just wanted to throw out there that as I work through this on a personal level, I am finding a renewed sense of strength within myself and motivation to be even more myself an unapologetic about it than ever. 

So with that said, thank you to everyone who has supported us, prayed for us, and wish us well on this new chapter as parents & partners for life <3


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