5 of my FAVORITE Places to Eat in PORTLAND!

May 19, 2017

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What’s up people! Today’s post is for all of my fellow #foodies out there! I don’t follow many food blogs but as a frequent traveler and avid lover of great bites –  I  am always looking for the best a city has to offer! Over the past few months I have been compiling a lengthy list of great restaurants to share with you all and here is the first official edition of #LipsticknEats!



Cuisine: Italian
Vibe: Quaint and fresh with a rustic twist. Chalkboard menu’s and communal seating give a “home-y” feel!
Price Point: $$$ of $$$$$
Best For: Dinner

Grassa was one of the first places my boyfriend Mark took me when visiting Portland before we moved there and it is by far our favorite! Every time we have friends/family in town, this is the first place we take them. Beyond the food – I love that every dish is created from scratch and as you dine you can watch the chef’s make homemade pasta! If you’ve never had FRESH pasta before – you’re life will be changed!

My Personal Favorite:  Squid Ink Pasta – cioppino broth, clams, mussels, squid, chickpeas, calabrian chile aioli, croutons

Also great choices:

  • Cabonara *Also Pictured* bucatini, pancetta, fried egg, pecorino
  • Pork Belly Mac & Cheese barbecue pork belly, jalapeños, red onion, cornbread crumbs
  • Rigatoni Sunday pork ragu
  • Grassa Meatballs

Tasty n Alder

Cuisine: American Fusion
Vibe: Simple and Rustic. This place gets VERY busy because it’s so good!
Price Point: $$$ of $$$$$
Best For: Breakfast/Brunch

Tasty n Alder is the most appropriate name for this restaurant as it is located off Alder Street and is SUPER Tasty! On my last visit, we ordered the Chocolate Malt Milkshake and Fries as an appetizer. YES AN APPETIZER! With such a unique and fun menu, every time I visit I have to order multiple things to try!

My Personal Favorite: Korean Fried Chicken

Also great choices:

  • Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup
  • Chocolate Malt Milk Shake & Fries

The Daily Cafe

Cuisine: American
Vibe: Coffee-shop but not very many outlets. Has more of a “restaurant” feel without servers. You order as you come in, seat yourself, and your food is brought out!
Price Point: $$$ of $$$$$
Best For: Breakfast


A friend I met through work contacts had recently moved to Oregon around the time I had, and invited me for breakfast at The Daily Cafe. Located in the Pearl District, this cute little cafe is perfect for a quick wholesome breakfast or a cup of coffee and a bagel.

My Personal Favorite: Wild Mushroom Hash cremini, shiitake & oyster mushrooms with kale, leeks, sweet onions and Yukons; topped with a poached egg



Cuisine: Japanese – Sushi
Vibe: Earthy and Fresh – dim lighting and candles give this an intimate and sensual vibe for dinner.
Best For: Lunch or Dinner


This spot is highly recommended in the area and is known as one of the BEST sushi restaurants in the US! So yes, if you love sushi + sustainability, this place is a MUST!


 My Personal Favorite(s):
  • Cocktail Cucumber Martini
  • Green Machine Roll – tempura fried long bean and green onions topped with avocado and cilantro sweet chili aioli

Luc Lac Vietnamese Kitchen

Cuisine: Modern Vietnamese
Vibe: Super trendy yet culturally influenced. Love the artwork and color palette.
Best For: Lunch or Dinner

 Another friend brought me to this place after a serious stairs workout and this was the BEST cheat meal!! Omg…everything was SO good. Make sure you check the time before you head there though – they close after lunch service and re-open for dinner!  

Also, they totally won me over by playing the entire “DAMN.” album. #iSeeYouLucLac

My Personal Favorite(s):
  • Luc Lac Special – Cubed beef tenderloin wok seared with hennessey, beurre de france, garlic, black peppercorn. served with field mixed greens and tomato fried rice
  • Crispy Spring Rolls

 Now that I’ve got your tummy rumblin’ and mouth waterin’ – share this post with your bestie so you both can make plans for your next girls brunch or date night! Use the hashtag#LipsticknEats for places you want me to visit or that you’ve visited!

XO, Jade


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